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How will I get my products once I have purchased them?

Once your payment has cleared, you will be redirected to a page containing your download link(s).  You will also receive an email with the download link(s).  Make sure to download and create a backup of your actions/presets as soon as possible.  Your link will expire after 48 hours or three attempts, and we are not responsible for replacing/refunding purchases that were not downloaded or lost due to improper file backup.

Do you give refunds if I am unhappy with the product?

All sales are final, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns. Refunds for accidental multiple purchases will be subject to transaction fees.Also, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the purchased product is compatible with his/her version of Photoshop or Lightroom.  No refunds will be provided for reasons of program incompatibility. After purchase, the product is delivered as a digital download. Please make a backup copy of your digital product, as we are not responsible for lost presets or actions. By agreeing to purchase these actions or presets, the user agrees to not share, sell, loan, exchange or otherwise use the actions or presets for anything other than personal use.  The user also agrees to create no derivative actions or preset templates from the original Flow for Photographers sets, actions or presets.  Please respect the time and skill that go into producing these products. Thank you!

How do I load my new actions into Photoshop?

Once you have downloaded your actions, you simply double click on the action (ATN) files in the downloaded folder and if Photoshop is not already running, it will launch.  The actions will be automatically loaded into the actions panel.  If this doesn’t work, simply click on the dropdown menu on the actions panel, choose “Load Actions” and browse to find the folder where they are located.

How do I load my new presets into Lightroom?

First, make sure that the downloaded Flow Presets folder has been unzipped and the files extracted! Open Lightroom. In Lightroom, go to Edit > Preferences. Select the Presets tab.  Choose “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…”  Once there, select the Lightroom folder and place the folder of .lrtemplate files in the Develop Presets folder.  To register your new presets, close and restart Lightroom.

Were these actions and presets tested before their release?

The actions were tested on Photoshop versions CS3 through to Creative Cloud and using images from both Canon and Nikon systems.  The Lighroom presets were tested in Lightroom 4 & 5, and ARE NOT fully compatible with LR3.

Why do some of the actions not work when I click play?

Some actions act as dividers or placeholders, to keep the action sets organized in the Actions panel, particularly when working in button mode.  These actions have brackets around the action name, ex. {{Everyday Workflow}}.   These do not actually have any actions associated with them, so they will not “play”.  They can also be used, in Button Mode, to reset an action if you had to stop the playback for any reason, causing the button to turn red.  If any other action does not work when played, please contact us immediately so we can try to find a resolution to this issue.

I don’t like how my images look using these actions or presets.  I can’t make them images look like the examples you show! Why?

These actions and presets were designed to be applied to properly exposed and color-balanced images.  They cannot completely correct images that were not properly created in-camera, though some of the Everyday Workflow Actions/ (Basics) Presets can help to make minor corrections.  These tools are intended for RAW or JPEG images and other file types may not allow the action/preset to run properly.

Flow Photoshop Actions typically run in a way that creates a group of layers, which can then be individually tweaked or changed as a group to create the desired effect.

Flow Lightroom Presets {with the exception of any preset with the label (Basics)} are designed not to change any white balance or exposure changes you have made to your image, so please make those changes prior to applying the preset for best results.  Lightroom Presets generally tend to need a bit more tweaking and playing than Photoshop actions, so try making little changes here and there to maximize the desired results.

Do you offer support for technical issues or questions?

I am happy to answer any questions or help you try to navigate through any technical issues you may have!  Please use the contact form to submit your inquiry.

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