the face behind flow

Hey there, hi there, ho there!  So happy to meet you!  My name is MANDY!  (Yep, just Mandy, not Amanda).

Who is this, the face the behind Flow, the one who makes the actions and presets and teaches the magic of Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements?  Why should we trust her?

Well first of all, look at that face ↓

Bio Pic 2013 W

Okay, so I look a tiny bit unhinged, but I assure you I am quite sane… Most of the time.

So now that you are here and (sort of) reassured of my sanity, let me tell you a little bit about my background.  The first part is a bit dry, with my credentials and such, but I will give you some more interesting tidbits at the end, like a reward for reading the boring stuff!

→ I received my Photography Diploma from Conestoga College and took over 60 hours of formal Photoshop training as part of that program.

→ I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

→ I have done over 30 hours of additional post-processing training, through various sources including Kelby Training, the ICE Society, Creative Live, Adobe  and a workshop with pro retoucher Pratik Naik.

→ I have been working as an Outsource Editor for over 2 years and spend up to 10 hours a day post-processing images by hand, one-by-one.

→ I have taught courses both online and in person, with my specialty being one-on-one training and editing style refinement, with a strong focus on portrait editing.

Now, some of the more interesting stuff:

→ I often talk to myself while I work.  I also shout expletives at my computer – often.  It is a love-hate relationship.

→ Photoshop is my secret boyfriend.  My husband doesn’t know.  Shhhh….

→  Images that I have retouched for commercial photographers have been on billboards, made into life-sized cut-outs and have even been on a plane!

→ Curves Adjustment and I are BFFs.  Like, foreva.

→ My two girls, ages ten and seven, will often stand over my shoulder and make sure that I don’t miss a single blemish.  The next generation of Photoshoppers is rising!

→ Sometimes I mentally Patch Tool away the eye bags on people.  Photoshop is a gift and a curse – why, oh why can we not get a real-life Spot Heal tool?!

→ My least favorite words are (in no particular order): Can’t, You, Just, Photoshop, It.  Okay, maybe there was a particular order there.  I love me some PS, but there are some limitations, people!

I LOVE helping photographers, both experienced and freshly-minted, take their images to the next level!  So if you like the way I roll (and don’t mind the occasional outburst of hysterical laughter), drop me a line to connect!