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Refine My Style © – Post-Processing Style Design $895

Exclusive to Flow for Photographers!

Have an idea of how you would like your images to look but can’t seem take your processing to the next level?  Let me be your Style Designer and give you the look you are dreaming of without the hassle of figuring it out on your own!

Similar to logo or branding design, this will be a collaborative process to find a style and look that best suits your image style!  After we have connected, you will:

– fill out a questionnaire with information about your brand, style, inspiration and images
– provide 5-10 examples images on which to apply style design ideas

Then, I will take your ideas and images and combine them to provide a series of “style proofs”, which will be presented to you during an online (or in-person) meeting, during which we will work together to refine and perfect your look.

Once you have selected your new style, I will provide you with detailed information on how the look was achieved, or you have the option of choosing to purchase the “Got My Own Flow” Custom Action Set to make your workflow even faster!
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Image courtesy of Stacey Hanlon Photography

Rock My Flow © – Private Mentoring $595

This 3-5 hour, hands-on or online mentoring course will be specifically tailored to your needs, with an emphasis on streamlining your workflow and more clearly defining your style. This course is perfect for photographers who want to take their images up a notch with more consistent post-processing!  We will cover a basic workflow as well as address any specific issues or ideas that you have with your editing style.  Take your images from solid to spectacular!

This course is also available for Lightroom .
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Image courtesy of Angie Arthur Photography

Check My Flow – Post-Processing Consultation $150

Need a trained eye to review your images and give you some feedback and tips on how to make your post-processing stronger?  Or have your eyes crossed looking at the same series of images over and over, wondering what is “off” and need a fresh perspective?  Send up to 10 sample images for me to review and provide written and/or visual suggestions to help you tweak your images to perfection!
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